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Questions on Fall2002 M5 Milestone

The milestone says that if we choose to look for death information, we need to look for death location and death date. What if the database we are searching only provides one or the other? Also, some of the databases only have marriage and divorce records for certain states. Can we still use these database?
Danielle Dees

Get whatever information you can use from the databases and determine yourself how to use them best. The object of M5 is to use the web's vast number of resources to make correcting/adding data easier. Any way you feel could help this cause would be fine. So if you think having the death location but not the death date is fine, then do that. Otherwise, require both or none. Or just the death date and set death location to "unknown". Chris Verges

If we find one website that offers: mother/father/spouse/birth/death, is that sufficient for the requirements of M5? thanks.
Brian E

Yes. Sami Deen

If you are having line-eding problems when transfering fileouts between group members – for example, everything ends up on one line in your methods – then check out the new entry in the 2340 Squeak FAQ.

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