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Lab 3 Questions

alright, i'm just assuming that the services being described in the lab3 info (OOD section) are the methods that we're suppose to write. the gentleman class should have a bow method, as outlined by the OOD. however, the lady class doesn't _explicitly_ have a curtsy method (bulleted section) for it. so let me pose my questions. do we not code a method for the lady's "curtsy"? or should we not look at the OOD as _the way_ to code a solution to the problem, thus allowing me to code a "curtsy" method... or having the person have an abstract method of "politeGreetingAction" to which the subclasses must override?

(i myself believe there should be a curtsy method... but just wanting to cover my bases...)

Manirith Nuth

Response: Actually, there IS listed a curtsey service for the lady. Look closely, it didn't get a bullet for some reason (typo?), but it is listed. –Patrick Parker (TA)

Fix your line wrap!

Lab 3 with proper wrapping.
Brandon Berg

There seems to be a descrepancy in lab 3. In the OOA, it is decided that a gentleman should bow to the ladies, and extend his hand to the other gentlemen, but in the OOD and testing, gentlemen bow to each other. What should it be? Thanks.

Gary Herndon

Response: Often, what you lay-out in OOA will be slightly different from the actual implementation. That's OK, although perhaps it should have been pointed out more clearly. So make sure that when two gentleman interact, they do so by bowing as BillyBob and Bubba did. –Patrick Parker (TA)

Why does our abstract Person (which will never be an instance) have the instance methods "greet:" and "greetedBy:"? What should the default greeting and response to being greeted be?
Matthew Wolenetz

Object has a method called subclassResponsibility which returns an error saying that the method called should have been implemented by a subclass. Just put "self subclassResponsibility" in the bodies of methods which are to be implemented by subclasses. As I am not a TA, this answer is unofficial.
Brandon Berg

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