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Questions on Fall2002 P3 Milestone

Up to this point, we've only had to visualize a person and their immediate ancestors (parents, grandparents and on up, not aunts or uncles) and direct descendants (children, grandchildren and so on, no in-laws). Can we assume this continues for Milestone 4 and beyond or do we know have to show EVERYONE on the tree. I ask this b/c it'll change how we design the rest of the project. Also, are we to be guaranteed that everyone entered into GenealogyMap using the with: function will be related?
Michael Johnson

Can responsibility descriptions and group timelines be in a plain text file as opposed to "in a workspace"? If not, what is meant by "in a workspace"?

Text files are fine. Be sure to make it easy for your TA to find the documentation since its worth 20% of your grade. Sami Deen

Also, will TAs be answering questions about the other milestones before the M3 due date in this page or in the page associated with the particular milestone?
(Monkeys with Vertigo)

I don't know how to answer your first question, but I'll take a crack at the second. If you're having specific questions about M4-7 and want them answered so you can work on M3, feel free to ask them here. TAs don't really check anything but the current Milestone's page. OR the other thing you can do is e-mail your TA or go see him/her during office hours, especially if it's design-specific (that is, something about your particular implementation of the system). Chris Verges

M4-based questions:

When a Person p is added to an empty GeneologyMap, are all of p's relatives displayed as well, or only p?

If p has a sibling q and p is added to an empty GeneologyMap, is q displayed as well?

Does exporting to the Transcript export only the Persons added to the map, or the Persons and their relatives?

Since it doesn't make much sense to display genealogy information about a person without displaying relatives, let's interpret M4 to mean that a p's relatives come along when a person p is added to the GenealogyMap and thus are exported as well. Rich LeBlanc

When the user "doIt"s the exported code from the Transcript to create a new GeneologyMap, can we assume that it will be in a new workspace (otherwise, there is the possibility of overlapping variable names with previous declared variables in the workspace)?

Yes, that is a reasonable assumption. Rich LeBlanc

Should global queries executed from the GeneologyMap look for only Persons in the GeneologyMap or for all instances of Person?

Let's leave the definition unchanged, thus they apply to all instances of Person. Rich LeBlanc

Will we be able to have a user demo with some (if not our own) TA to determine if the UI is useable or not?

That seems like a reasonable thing to do during office hours. Rich LeBlanc

(Monkeys with Vertigo)

Will we be submitting our whole design in class for this Milestone? If not, which materials do we submit online?
Team Schadenfreude

Yes, it is all to be submitted in class. Rich LeBlanc

FYI class/coweb administration & CS2340 students:

At the bottom of the M3 milestone page is the following link:
Questions on Fall2002 M3 Milestone

Please notice that this is not the same as this page (the page this text appears on):
Questions on Fall2002 P3 Milestone

There are some unanswered questions there.

So is this project/milestone called M3 or P3?

T. Scott Saponas
(EDIT: I posted this Wednesday night before the lengthy Thursday early morning post.)

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