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ellie harmon

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hi. i'm ellie :)

and thats my buzzcard picture from 4 years ago when i was a happy young faset attendee..... but hopefully it will help you find me whenever you come to office hours, which are:
monday 10am - 11:45am
tuesday noon - 1:15pm
make sure you check the Fall 2004 TA Announcements page for any changes
i'm usually in either the commons area or the mac lab. if you don't see me, check the white-board on the door of the ta-lab. (please note that sometimes, if i can't find a marker, my name may not be on the board. this doesn't mean i'm not here, just look around. there's a good chance i'm sitting in the commons)

if those times aren't good for you, i'm pretty flexible, so just send me an email with times that would be good for you:
ellie@cc (please include 2340 somewhere in the subject)

if you are one of my students, then you should read this: ellie's grading info

ellie harmon

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