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Questions on Fall2002 M7 Milestone

Got questions on merging, alternative viewing, and testing?

Here are two example GEDCOM files that you may want to use to construct your test cases:
The simplest way to create a test case is to use some subset of a GEDCOM file (perhaps a very small subset) to create a GEDCOM and use it as the second file to be matched or merged with the first. You can create a sequence of progressively more complex tests by including more person and family records in the subset. Of course, you can delete or edit information to demonstrate inexact matching.

If one of the files uses some kind of GEDCOM tag that your program doesn't know how to parse, you can just ignore it and only process the tags that you do understand. (Using that approach, it is actually possible for you to import any GEDCOM file; you just may end up ignoring much of the information it contains.)
Rich LeBlanc

I believe the questions by that follow are addressed by the rewrite of the M7 criteria published on 11/20. Please add any new questins after Sami's announcement about the rewrite. RJL

A few M7 questions:

T. Scott Saponas

Unmerging and Families:


gmap1 := GenealogyMap with: (Array with: p with: q with: r).
gmap2 := GenealogyMap with: (Array with: a with: b with: c).
p has childChild r with: q.
a hasSibling: b.
a hasChild: c.

Example I:

If r is merged with a followed by r & a being unmerged what should the state of the families be?

Should r & a now be siblings?

Example II:

Suppose a & p are merged followed by r & c being merged then a & p are unmerged.

Is a the parent of r&c or is p the parent of r&c?

Suppose then r & c being unmerged.

Is a the parent of r or is p the parent of r?
Is a the parent of c or is p the parent of c?

In general, when two people who have been merged then unmerged what changes should occur? What assumtions should be made in an ambiguous state?

T. Scott Saponas

Merge and Contents of GenealogyMap:

When a person from the original genealogy map is merged with a person from another map should the relatives from the second person be added to the first genealogy map?

If those two people are unmerged, do those people added to the original GenealogyMap remain a part of that map?

T. Scott Saponas

Note: M7 has been substantially rewritten, and the due date has been changed to 12/5. Please look over the milestone page if you have not done so recently. Sami Deen 11/20/2002.

"The user has to be able to move around representations of Persons..."

What exactly does this mean? Is it really required that representations of Persons must be able to be moved around? what is the reason behind this? Is it only so that relationships/merging info can be distinguished? if so, if there is another way to indicate this without having to actually move the representations around is this acceptable? Thanks.

Brian E

Sorry – I'm afraid we used some ambiguous wording in this item. The "moving around" in question means navigating through the map, that is, switching the focus to from one Person to another by following links (to parents, children, etc.). Rich LeBlanc

Is there anything we need to prepare or have ready for our demo time? Should we prepare scenarios to implement for our TA? Anything? thanks.

Brian E

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