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Questions on Fall2002 M6 Milestone

Got questions about GEDCOM reading and writing? Put 'em here!

How do divorces work?

From what I can tell it would like:
0 @F3@ FAM
1 HUSB @I2@
1 WIFE @I3@
2 DATE 01 FEB 1860
2 PLAC Concord, Jefferson, WI
2 DATE 23 SEP 1864
1 CHIL @I1@

However, this does not associate a divorce date with a specific marriage date. When we record divorces for people we do it with a specific marriage date.

Is there another standard way to record divorces that will associate them with specific marriages?

T. Scott Saponas

A Family record includes the marriage date of the husband and wife. If it includes a divorce date, it implicitly applies to that marriage. I guess if the same two people were married more than once, they could have more than one marriage record, but divorces would then apply to the preceding marriage. Rich LeBlanc

The directions state:
"Add the ability to generate a GEDCOM file from the Person objects and their relationships..."

Now, most of the GEDCOM examples only have information about:
- a man
- a woman
- their children
- family information

So, my question is: when exporting a GEDCOM, are we required to create a GEDCOM representing the whole tree (person, mother, father, siblings, spouse, children, etc.), or, as the M1 description states:

a family consists of "a man and a woman plus their natural children"

are we required to create a GEDCOM for a specific Person, including only information about the family, spouse, and children?


Brian E

Your GEDCOM file must include all of the informaton you have about all of the people you have stored in your tree. Rich LeBlanc

Please read over the M6 milestone page if you have not done so lately.
There are a couple of things on the page that where
not there at the beginning of the term:

10% for a test plan
10% for good design
links to gedcom tutorial pages.
Sami Deen

I have posted questions about m7 on the m7 questions page.

Are those going to start being addressed soon, or not until after m6?


T. Scott Saponas

A rewrite of M7 will appear tomorrow, which has turned out to be only after M6. Rich LeBlanc

What if a person has no gender? You do not know if they are the HUSB or WIFE tag of a FAM record. Can we ignore genderless people? I don't see another way to do it. I suppose we could just make the genderless all male....

I definitely don't like the idea of ignoring them. If you have enough information about them to know that they should be part of a family record as one of the spouses, either make an inference from the info you have or make a consistent assumption, such as that they should be the husband. Rich LeBlanc

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