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Fall2002 M4 - Provide a graphical user interface for the whole thing

M4 - Build a Morphic Interface

Now provide an interface for your genealogy software. YOU MUST SUPPORT ALL FUNCTIONS THAT WERE IN M1 AND M2! You should be able to define people, make connections between them, fill in information for them, check for accuracy and missing information, querying, and so on.

We will start your system with one of two mechanisms:

Now that you have a completely graphical way of creating people, you're going to want some way to save your work. You must provide an Export function that generates to the Transcript all the messages (defined in M1 and M2 – so yes, all of that code must continue to work) to recreate the map. (Now do you see why you're implementing GenealogyMap with:?)

The look and feel of the user interface is entirely up to you! However, if the TA can't use a particular function, she or he can't grade it, and you can't get credit for it. IT IS WORTH YOUR WHILE TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TA CAN USE YOUR SOFTWARE!

HINT!: Students in Summer 2002 wrote drawing editors where boxes, circles, etc. could be dragged around and resized in Morphic. Any of their designs and code can be reused from the Cases page.

Turn-in your code using the Fall 2002 Turnin Information with the code 'P4'. Turn in your design in class.


Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you the points. The UI must be usable.

Questions on Fall2002 M4 Milestone

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