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Fall2002 M2 - Check and complete the object structure

M2 - Handle, correct, and support a correct genealogy

Remember how we said in M1 that we'd make sure that there are no inconsistencies in the objects relationships? And that we'd provide both direction relationships? NO MORE! You can now assume that the database that's given to you is inconsistent, has important missing information, is lacking mirrored relationships – just like when you really are trying to build a genealogy.

You must support (on a Person p) the message check which will do three main tasks and return a nicely formatting string with a report on what happened in this check (in other words, you'll PrintIt on a check more than DoIt):

You must also support searches on your family trees. You will construct Query objects that you will ask the Person p to searchFor:. Searches return a collection of Persons that meet the query (or reutrns empty). Valid queries include:

THIS IS A TEAM PROJECT. Your teams must be defined by this date. Use the page Fall2002 Team-Forming Discussion for advertising and forming your team. A team can be no more than four people, no fewer than three. No team divorces will be allowed after P3! Please pick a Team Name. Anyone who does P2-P7 alone automatically loses 15 points ON EACH ASSIGNMENT.

In class, please turn-in:

Before class time, turn-in your code using the Fall 2002 Turnin Information with the code 'M2'.


Questions on Fall2002 P2 Milestone

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