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Sum2002 Midterm Review: String to Hex

Edit Sum2002 Midterm Review: String to Hex here.

stringToHex: numberString
"takes in a string of numbers separated by spaces, and
returns an ordered collection of their hexadecimal
equivalents (each number gets converted to a separate

| integerCollection hexCollection |

integerCollection _ numberString findTokens: ' ' .
hexCollection _ OrderedCollection new .

(1 to: integerCollection size)
do: [ :index |
hexCollection add: (integerCollection at: index) asNumber hex .
] .

^ hexCollection .

this is good, but you can do it in one line, without temporary variables. how? Shaggz

stringToHex: numberString
"smalltalk h4X0r"
^ (numberString findTokens: ' ') collect: [ :element | element asNumber hex ] .

31337 Shaggz

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