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Matt Alexander

Vital Stats
Name: Matt Alexander
TA: Lex Spoon
Turnin Page: Turnin
Group: w3 h4X0r j000000!??!??

Summer 2002
Monday 10:40 - 11:50, Prob/stats 1:20-2:30 chemistry lecture
Tuesday 10 - 11:50 squeak
Wednesday 10:40 - 11:50 prob/stats 1:20-2:30 chem lec. 2:30-6:30 chemlab
Thursday 10-11:50 squeak 1:20-2:30 chem rec.
Friday 10:40-11:50 prob/stats 1:20-2:30 chem lecture

Dislikes of Squeak:
Matt Alexander

under the appearance menu you can choose which fonts it uses, one of them is fixed width.
You can chance the style, if you want to. If anything it's actually very simple, it's just not like other languanges.
I'll assume you want it to color by syntax. open up the help, click on preferences, look under the browsing menu. That should also clear up your last gripe. Though it could be "prettier"

you suck


u r all american pricks

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