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alan fay

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things i like about smalltalk

the 'block' mechanism; neat
cleaner and true object-oriented language
typeless programming allows for more abstract thinking
system browser is really cool

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things i dislike about the squeak system

a grandiose, silly interface
useless 'features', such as being able to rotate the system browser
squeak schemes designed by color-blind people
too much focus on adding new media, without much thought given to actual use or real-world application of media

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ond one sta
rted waiting. the first one deci
ded to leave when she
saw the second one was

things i enjoy about this class

working in a language that ties strongly with the design concepts
the summer project manages to be educational but not a hassle

ing. the
third one left for fifteen
minutes, when the second one decided

things i dislike about this class

how design is a post-programming exercise, though we are taught in the other direction
constant, ludicrous claims about squeak (preformance, utility)
a need to want to 'justify' multimedia as the learning vessel
many topics are just reiteration of topics in 2335.

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er the first one, but before the
third one. the second one arrived
before everyone else. the
first one cam

suggestions for making 2340 a better course

focus more on design and object theory
discuss how object-oriented design influences threaded and networked applications
critique individual student/group designs on the swiki (actually get in there and post specific comments by instructors/tas, after students post designs; some of this is done, but not nearly as exhaustive as it could be...make it a part of every milestone).
stop trying to 'amaze' students with squeak; try instead to discuss why multimedia applications benifit from the object-oriented philsophy.
discuss mvc architecture before expecting students to code gui programs. discuss how morphic differs from mvc, and explain how it intends to 'replace' mvc.

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e left. the fourth one started
waiting when the
third one left,

and stopped waiting half
an hour after the

a quick note

hey, don't be too offended by anything i post up here. to paraphrase
the big lebowski, it's like, my opinion, man. constructive criticism
is a good thing. constructive criticism is cited as the main goal of
this course, anyway, right? to critique our designs into better
designs, no?

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left. the fourth one s
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e seco
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ided to stop w

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