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Sum2002 M5: Provide a Web Service

Now, you are going to provide a web-service for anyone who is using your editor than can translate the PostScript that you generated into GIF or JPEG.

Graders will start your server with DrawingService start. You will then start a Web server (PWS is recommended, but Comanche is also okay – if you use Comance, include it in your fileout).

The user will go to http://yourserver:8080/drawingservice. You must provide a text area where the user can paste in the generated PostScript output when a drawing is Saved. (You may, alternatively, support file uploads for an additional five points of extra credit on M5.) You should provide them with buttons for choosing a JPEG or GIF rendering of the image. You then provide that rendering.

In class, please turn-in:

"Good" will be evaluated with respect to Criteria for Good OOA/D.

Before class time, turn-in your code using the Summer 2002 Turnin Information.


Questions on Sum2002 M5 Milestone

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