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Sum2002 M4: Generate and input PostScript

Extend your drawing editor (i.e., all the core functionality from M3 must work here in M4) with the ability to Save and Load. The format should be a subset of Postscript. It's a requirement that saved output should be readable in Ghostscript and should print with a reasonably accurate rendering if sent to a PostScript printer.

You will have to provide two more tools for Save and Load functionality. When the user clicks Save, prompt them for a name, then save the image as PostScript to the filename with a ".ps" extension. When the user clicks Load, prompt the user with a list of ".ps" files in the current Squeak image directory. When the user selects one, restore all the objects, i.e., the user should be able to resize, move, and delete the individual objects.

(Hint: If you need information to identify objects in your PostScript file, consider using the "%" character to create comment lines.)

In class, please turn-in:

"Good" will be evaluated with respect to Criteria for Good OOA/D.

Before class time, turn-in your code using the Summer 2002 Turnin Information.


Questions on Sum2002 M4 Milestone

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