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Questions on Sum2002 M2 Milestone

Ask questions about your drawing editor here...

Some students have asked if they can use the halos to resize.
You can but it may not be easy to get the halos to appear on just a red button click Barbara Ericson

The way we have it working right now, if you "middle click" on the morph, the halo's come up. From there you can do what you want with it: delete, rotate, resize, bunch of other stuff! Is that okay? Isn't it toooo easy?
Remeber that your system must meet the requirements. The requirements now state that you must use a red button click to select something. Also check the delete requirement.
Barbara Ericson

In the instructions it says, "The ability to move objects. If no tool is selected, clicking on the object selects it, and it must become (visibly!) selected, and the user should be able to click on (somewhere other than on a handle) and drag the object" does this mean that you click once to select it and then you click again and drag to move it? Or can you just click (once) and drag to move it.

it sounds like there's two clicks in there. alan fay IANATA

I've just updated the milestone page to clear up some of the confusions. Yes, you click once to select something, then click again to drag it – it makes the UI a little cleaner to code, a little yuckier for the user. Bringing up the halos isn't enough for everything, e.g., for deleting. My suggestion is to just build your own halos – put some clickable black dots in there for dragging/manipulating. Mark Guzdial

Since your building an application I would say no. Only draw in your applications window area. Sami Deen

No, don't worry about shapes extending beyond the window. If your morphs are in a SystemWindow they won't go too far past the edge of it. Barbara Ericson

how do we turn in our project??? will our group have a "turnin" page, or do we each need to turn in the project individually? Thanks in advance.

You now have team pages on the turnin page. Follow the instructions there. Sami Deen

Can we change the the squeak classes as well, for example, I am changing a method in the SimpleButtonMorph class. Also, then can we submit a changeset instead of the regular .st file ?

Yes Sami Deen
It is usually better object-oriented practice to subclass the thing you want to change. That way do don't mess up code that is working.
Barbara Ericson |

Can we turn in our CRC cards (index cards), or do we need to turn in a text document with the CRC information on it?

No, you can't turnin the index cards. You need to photocopy them onto regular paper, or generate them some other way so that they are on regular paper. See the restriction on turning in CRC cards on the M2 page. Sami Deen

How discriptive does the UML doc need to be? If we are as descriptive as the book was for the Clock example will that be okay? Thanks!

Yes it is ok to follow the example in the book .
Points to remember:

Sami Deen

Does case matter when deleting objects (ie, 'd' vs. 'D')? Matt Alexander

Both would be nice. But if in doubt follow the requirements on the milestone page to the letter. (intended) Sami Deen

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