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Questions on Sum2002 M1 Milestone

Ask questions on M1 here...

We can use either MVC or Morphic, correct?

Sure. Morphic is probably easier for the whole program if you don't know either. For M1, you can also just draw on the screen, but note that in later milestones you are expected to play nice with the current windowing system. "Refresh screen" should not erase your handiwork, for example. -Lex Spoon

So how do we turn in our code – is it acceptable to create a class category and file it out, and turn that file in?

According to Summer 2002 Turnin Information, save your entire project, and turn it in. Sami Deen

And please, everyone, test that your project loads back in to a fresh image! -Lex Spoon

Actually, yes you will file-out your class category and turn that in. Last semester they tried turning in the whole project but it didn't work all the time. So, we will go back to using file-out to create a file that you will turn-in. Barbara Ericson

When we draw an object, it is possible that our objects go out of the form. Do we have to care about that? If yes, how can I prevent it from doing that?
No, that is okay. Barbara Ericson

On the CoWeb it tells us that we should use Squeak 3.2 (dated January 2002). It tells us that it will be out of the gamma stages and will be released. When I went to, I could only find the gamma version. Also from the, there is only a
gamma release as well. I did the project in 3.0, and when I tried to use the image file in 3.2, it did not work. Please clarify.
We are using 3.2 gamma. Your milestone one needs to work in 3.2 gamma. Barbara Ericson
If you have done your project on an older version of squeak, fileout your class category, and filein the .st file created to the newer version of squeak. This should work.

Question: When i'm adding a method in the browser window, my comments are always erased when i save/accept the changes. Any suggestions? Thanks

Try and file out your work, and load it into a new clean copy of Squeak. Download a new copy into a new folder and file in your code. Sami Deen.

According to M1 info: "The graders will start your system with DrawingEditor open". Does this mean that the graders will make a new DrawingEditor object and call open on it or literally just type "DrawingEditor open" and expect it to run. If the second case is true, any input on how to get Squeak to do this?

Look at using class variables and methods, rather than instance. This is how stuff like
ProgressMorph example
work. - Matt Alexander (IANATA)
Matt is correct that you want a class method "open" on a class named "DrawingEditor". To do this click the "class" button at the bottom of the class frame in the system browser. Barbara Ericson

Or you could use the Compiler to do everything and avoid the browser altogether! Shaggz


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