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Sum2002 M1: Simple Drawing Editor

In this project, you will provide a simple drawing editor.

Your users will want to draw lines, rectangles, and ellipses. You will provide them an interface where they can:

You are not supporting deleting objects, resizing objects, or moving objects at this time.

The graders will start your system with DrawingEditor open. You should clear a section of the screen (say, 400 x 400) and draw the buttons for your tools and the Stop button, then start accepting user input.

In class, please turn-in well-documented, hardcopy source code (at least two lines of comments for each non-accessor method, in-line comments at significant portions) with your name and student number on it. In addition, before class time, turn-in your code using the Summer 2002 Turnin Information.


Questions on Sum2002 M1 Milestone

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