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Summer 2002 Turnin Information

Turning in Your Milestones

File out a .st file

The class catagory is the left most list in your browser window. Thats the green window by default.Assuming all your code is under one class catagory, right click on the file catagory and select fileOut. This will produce a .st file with the same name as the class catagory. If you have code under more than I class catagory, select each catagory and fileOut the catagory.

Go to the turin swiki ( Navigate to your page. Your page is under the page with the TA's name. Search for which TA has your name. Click on your name (if individual assignment) or the name of your team (if team assignment) to get to the proper page.
Click on the attach link at the top of the page.
Click on browse.
Select your file-out file.
Leave radio buttons as found.
Click on Upload.

Repeat this for any extra files your project needs, but keep them to a minimum! Feel free to rearrange your turnin page using "edit" so that your TA can quickly see which files to download.

You can also lock your page by editing it and the clicking in the 'lock this page' checkbox and giving a page password. (2 times)

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