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Summer 2002 Team Declaration Page

Teams can have 3 or 4 people. Put your teams and members here, like:

Squeak Team

w3 h4X0r j000000!??!??


Team Mouse-Bot

~~~~~~ The General Motors SqUeakiZoiDz ~~~~~~

Jim McPherson -
Dan Williams -
Ethan Adler -
Sam Epstein -

Bug Free
Caitlin Bovee -
Meredith Nations - gte192i
Raphael Kobi -
Adam Clark -

Organized Konfusion

Safdar Abedi -
Mohammad Siddiqui -
Hyeseung Jeong -
Heun Song -

The Unnamed Team
Scott Evans -
Daniel Brad Holder -
Donald Matthew Norbury Jr -
David Peterson -

Exploding Kitty Kats
Suleman Ali
Naila Farooqui
Natalie Goddard

Another Team

Some Japanese Country

Shitij Agarwal
Baibhav Singh
Achin Batra
Tanay Makadia

The Other Team


"Go Deep"

Renegade Hackers

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