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Barbara Ericson

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Hi Folks,

My e-mail address is:

I have a MS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a BS in Computer Science from Wayne State University. I have been working in the field of computer science for about 20 years now. My main areas of focus have been computer graphics, artifical intelligence, and object-oriented programming.

I worked for General Motors Research Labs for about 8 years in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. I wrote software to create a complete 3d math model of car parts from digitized data of the clay model. It was neat to see the designers sculpt cars out of clay and then try to capture that design in a math model for manufacturing.

I worked for Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia Technologies) for about 3 years. I got to play with speech synthesizers. We did an early touch-tone phone input and synthesized voice output application. I got to ride with a guy who fixes phones and see how he used our software.

I worked for NCR on a NSF project for about 5 years. We were using case-based reasoning to try to help diagnose brain tumors and strokes. We did a 3 day tour of the hospital and even sat in during a brain surgery.

I taught continuing education courses for Georgia Tech from 1998 to 2003. I taught the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course and Java courses. I have been working for Janet Kolodner on the software to support SMILE for use with middle school students and the Learning by Design Curriculum since 2002.

This is my second time teaching this course. I taught the Summer 2002 course.

I like computer science because you are always learning something new. I have worked in many languages: Java, Lisp, C, Fortran, Basic, PL1, assembler, etc. Squeak is a fun language and one of the anscestors of Java. It also is similar to Lisp in many ways.

I hope you enjoy this course. Even more, I hope you learn some of the neat concepts in object-oriented anlaysis, design, and programming.

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