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Spring 2002 Who's Who

This page lists pages for the people in the class. Please add a page for yourself. Click on "edit", add your name to the bottom of this list, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away!

Some folks have decided to use tables, which is cool, but if that confuses you, just ignore it. Put your name at the bottom of the page in asterisks and create your page. Mark Guzdial

Do be careful not to rename this page, and please don't lock the page, since it's a shared resource.

You might also check out Using this CoWeb if you haven't already.

Mark Guzdial, Instructor Support Dude and Jovial Host

Shaggz a TA, until I finally graduate.

Anthony Gelsomini second, the graduation motion

Gary Brown TA


Sarah Moore another affable TA

Lex Spoon TA

Kathy Gray GRA, ECoDE

Let's try this alphabetically.

Mary Abraham

Karan Aggarwal

Mansoor Babar

Claire Bailey

Jon Beckham

Christopher Benson-Manica

Bill Branan

Jonathan Broomfield

Kyle Bumpus - gte468v@prism

James Burghardt

Brian Byrne

Marc Calahan - Me

Andy Campbell - Something to read here, if you're bored

Phuongdai Cao

Derek Chambless


#15 Just an ordinary student

Daniel Combiths

Dennis Cook- just kinda here.

Justin Daniel

Jacob Davenport – seek group, me smash good!

Dan DeMond

Ryan Dendinger

Patrick Duffy

Sarkis Einarsson

Greg Feldman

Aaron Fisch

Luke Francis

Chris Gibson

Rick Giuly Uploaded Image: berry.gif

Philip Graham

Matt Greenberg - mg@resnet and mgt3ch on AIM

Ashish Gupta - a CS major who came to college to learn everything from scratch.

Chi Ha

ellie (harmon)

Tong Huang

Cory Jacobsen

Cristi Jones - I need a group.

Raegan King


Walter Langendorf - nothing witty to say

Matt Lassiter

Kathryn Leland

Donghan Li

Tara McCart

Keith McDermott - Some people call me easy

Michael L. Mitchell - I think there's another me posting to the newsgroup...

Michael R. Mitchell - The other me.

Chelsea Morrisey

Wendy Mui

Supriya Mundra – Me myself and I!!

Charlie Murff

Arun Nair – The best yet!!

Lindsay Nall

Chris Navo

Duc Ngo

Nathan Owens

Trevor Paddock

#15 and a half

Chase Peeler

Alexander Powell

Adam Racht - I need a group

Sanin Rahman - you think you're weird?? MRUHAHAHAHA.....

Patrick Ringham

Marco Rogers - Nothing witty to say.

Drew Roos

Nabil Schear

John Schuch

David Shea

Jimmy Sobeck

Eric Soto

Stephanie Smiegowski

Hunter Spence –Yo

Alan Stone - many many cells

Joe Streeky

David Tang - I need a group. =)

Kiran Tajani

#18 - ^_^

Josh Thames – Myself

Andrew Thigpen

joey tsai - I'll be honest with you ...

Bryan Turner

Chris Verges

Joe Waldschmidt

Matt Welsh - Yet another looking for a group.

Michael Wentzel

Hank Wilde – ak1200 friday @ blu

Michael Winburn - House of Pain

Eric Yang

cs2340 Summer 2007

Rosanna Yeh

Johnny S. Yen

Peter Zalewski – obsessive-compulsive and alphabetically pedantic

Nurun Nahar

Vince Shah

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