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The A-Team Case Page

Welcome to the A-Team's Case Page.

The A-Team features the talented work of the following students:

Jerry Chen
Brett Flury
Stephen Bradford Lee
D.D. Zhou

Here our are case pages for the following milestones of the Georgia Tech Campus Map!

Here are the individual team case reports for the first milestone of the project. We combined the best of all team members milestones to create the foundatation for all future milestones!


For the Spring 2002 semester of CS2340 the team was to design a Map Interface similar to the one on the alumni page, they would then expand on this to 3D, then take that code and create another imaginary campus. If you take anything away from this page, it should be this one major statement: THINK AHEAD OF TIME!. Do not even start the design until you have read ALL requirements for ALL milestones, else your time will be wasted. Fortuantely we did read all requirements, and our design worked out well. For Milestone 6 (the transition to 3D) we were able to maintain quite a bit of code from the 2D map. For Milestone 7 (the imaginary campus) we could turn in identical code to Milestone 6. Why? Good data collection, all we had to do was modify the data file on the net, and magically we had a new campus! Unfortuantely, we did not have a grade for these projects at the time, so we are unable to upload them to system to share with everyone else.

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