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Sp02 Final Exam Review: Tools for Space Scientists

The Abstract Factory Pattern could be used in the area of determining whether to gather sensor data from the on or off satelite positions. Since you might not know up front where this information should come from the program could decide that for you based on your needs.

The UML Diagram for this small piece might look like this:

Uploaded Image: spacediagram.gif

This shows that you would call the section of code responsible for getting the sensor data, then that would determine if it needed to get sensor data from on or off the satelite.

Some good points about Object Oriented programming:

Bill Branan

Wouldn't you create a factory class separate from the class of objects that it creates?
Rick Giuly

You could also use the Bridge Pattern. That way you could have different types of modules that you would need to collect the data from different locations. Wrapping it in a uniform wrapper class would enable the different types of modules to be accepted by the main program while maintaining individual functionality.
Stephanie Smiegowski

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