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Sp02 Final Exam Review: XP

1. "XP programmers don't document their code!?! How can their code still be readable after they write it?"

There's more to it than that. How do they get the code to be so clean? Mark Guzdial

2. "What in the world do they mean that code written by an individual has to be thrown away? What other kind of code is there?"

3. "Integrating daily sounds like we'll spend all our time in integration. How can we make daily integration work more smoothly?

"What's a unit test?" Mark Guzdial

4. "Is there any evidence that this really works?"

Do unit tests have to be low-level? When do you write unit tests? Mark Guzdial

Unit tests make sure the functionality that is added to the system works and continues working. This functionality does not necessarily have to be low-level; any level of functionality can be tested. If a new part has been added to the system, it must be tested from then onwards, regardless of its rank on the totem pole of functionality. Running (and passing) the unit tests after every code update ensures that previous functionality doesn't break as programmers modify the code.

Think about the issue, too, of each bug found leading to a new unit test... Mark Guzdial

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