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Sp02 Final Exam Review: Networked Barbie Game

Mattel finds that Barbie software has become so wonderfully successful, as has first-person role-playing games, that they've merged these to produce a new title: Barbie's First Cocktail Party. But they've run into lots of problems. You've been hired as a consultant to help sort it all out for them.

a. "We're downloading 3-D models of Barbie and all her guests, and it's taking a horrendously long time. Is there anything that we can do to reduce that time?"

b. "Cross-platform is very important to us, but someone in upper management suggested we go with Visual Basic. And Bill Gates isn't returning our calls about producing Linux and Macintosh versions of VB. What do you recommend that we use, and what argument should we provide to upper management for it?"

c. "We've heard about this UML stuff for our design notations, and it sounds great. We know all about UML class diagrams. What's another UML diagram that you think is good? What's it good for?"

A) Cache the files on disk. After all, if you've downloaded it once, why download it again?

B) It's not really in Microsoft's best business interests to produce VB for Linux, Macintosh, and so on. You'd be better off using a language for which cross-platform compatibility is a central design tenet.

C) How about use case diagrams? Even if you don't follow the particulars of UML case diagrams, it's very important to think about how the user is expected to interact with the system.

(A) Is that the only option? (B) Okay, so the language you recommend would be? (C) Any others? Mark Guzdial

Sorry, I'm not sure why that got left out. I was going to suggest Java for B, since it's great for cross-platform apps, and of course JDK 1.4 now has full-screen support. - Mitch Halpin

A) Instead of using entire 3d models they could render the 3d objects in Flash at various positions. This uses small, structured data instead of the huge amounts of data that regular 3d models use.
Francisco Robles

A) Flash as a vector based graphics system is very robust yet light weight. If emphasis on detail is not very high and only a few angles need to be shown this is a very good alternative. Realistically we are moving to 2.5D.

B) Since platform independence is vitally important it would be either Java or Squeak. I would go for Squeak because of its extensive multimedia support. We have discussed the option of using Flash, which Squeak supports really well.

C) Sequence and State Diagrams are other diagrams that are worth considering. Sequence diagram are really detailed in that they allow you to trace message sends and behaviors amongst the classes for speicific events. State diagrams(restricted to OO) represent the state of the object depending on the event that has been processes. These diagrams allow us to iron out and make our design more robust.
Jai Kejriwal

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