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Squeak Assassins Milestone 5 Case Study

Milestone 5 required us to add in path-finding functionality. We had to allow the user to select two buildings, and we would draw an appropriate route between the two locations.

Approaching the problem
This was one of the easier milestones for our group. We were already using the GTCampusMap image as our map, so we had one member mark the coordinates of all the roads and derived all the various intersections from this. Another member figured out how to do the graph searching, while another updated the GUI, and the fourth person updated the design.

How's it work?
When the user selects two buildings, a path is found between the two roads they sit on using BFS. (BFS guarantees the route will have the shortest number of turns, which I think is the best).

How'd the design hold up?
Fairly well actually. You'll notice that Road makes its appearance here.

The program in action:
Uploaded Image: prj5_pic_a.jpg
The above illustrates the most zoomed out level. Below, we've zoomed in, requested a map from the College of Computing to the Psychology building, and clicked on the Van Leer Building.
Uploaded Image: prj5_pic_b.jpg

The code:

The UML:
Uploaded Image: sqm5uml.png

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