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Hi, this is my diary.

1/26–Ok, it's late, but this is the first entry. I've been having trouble mainly b/c I'm not used to Squeak. The documentation sucks, the interface has a definate learning curve, and this is just something I guess I have to get to know. I've been having trouble coding b/c everytime I code something, I turn around and boom, it's coded elsewhere. It'd save a lot of time if it had better documentation. Oh well, I guess I better just keep cracking!

1/27–Alright, project done! However, I had a lot of difficulty deciding how to do the display. Since apparently an interactive display was forbidden, just having one screen to do everything really vexed me. I decided on an implementation and just stuck with it. I'm still having trouble remembering some of the basic stuff (like periods), but that'll come with time. Familiarity will solve a lot. I think a large problem I still have is remembering that Squeak has a large reserve of stuff done for me...I just have to find it! I still think there could be a better way to find standard stuff...even if the code could be modified and therefore the reference defunct, I believe that it would still be useful. Oh well, I'll write more on Thursday.

2/8–Alright, me and my group sat down tonight and did our CRC cards for the project. It wasn't too bad, though I can tell some differences in what we all conceived of, but hey, that's the project, right? Anyway, I also fooled around with the morph stuff. I was actually getting somewhere until I found Tetris. Oops.

2/9–Messing around with morphs some more.
Squeak is still funky to deal with. Getting used to the basic workspace was difficult, but dealing with Morphic is still difficult. The lab wasn't hard at all. Just more of the same.

2/12–Well, I've been working on the project. I've been dubbed IO man, and troubleshooter. IO was fairly easy, once I thought to look at some class methods. Also, there is NO place that tells you that , is the concat operator. I spent forever trying to find that. That is REALLY counterintuitive. Anyway, it's just taking time. This would be a breeze for someone alreay acquainted with the language, but that's not me–yet.

2/14–Well, the project is done. It took some research to get it just right, but I think we've got it. It wasn't too bad at all looking back. Once we found what we could use, the code was quite minimal. Still, the hardest part is finding the tools. Even with 6+ M of code at my disposal, without a decent index. The method names are alright for looking up, but sometimes having to wade through all that is a PITA.

2/29–Ok, I've been coding along with my new design. It's been pretty easy. Just flushing out a few things. No big deal. No problems!

3/1–Ok, major team problem. There was a major miscommunication on another team member. We had to rewrite a large chunk of code and get ourselves to a mutal position of knowledge. Anyway, I've also been looking at some of the other peoples' code. Boy, does that make little sense. Comments are a good thing. Anyway, back to work!

3/15–I admit, I was slack over SB, but that's me. The lab's been done for a while, so here are a few comments...
1) [] vs. () sucks. I tried using [] in my code a couple of times to force evaluation, but apparently squeak doesn't like that. I'll have to find out why.
2) I hate having incomplete designs. Making assumptions is fine, as long as I don't get counted off for them.
3) Squeak just needs to deal with the fact that I don't like random image errors. I don't see why images spontaneously die when I haven't touched anything besides my project specific classes. Oh well.

This PWS stuff–I can't seem to get it started up. Must wait for a TA to get off his/her ass and answer my question. Until then...

3/21–Ok, once I got the PWS running (damn VM) it was cake. Cool.

4/3–Glad the server was easy last time. But now I'm trying to get a checkbox to work. I'm not quite sure how to get the data sent back to the server, but we'll see...

4/4–That was fairly easy. Yes, there was a prob, but that was trusting what Mark said. The material was returned as a dictionary, not a string. So I guess I should check for myself instead of assuming, eh?

Oh well, after that, it well into place. Not very fancy, but it gets the job done. Well, until next time.

4/6–Done and done. Full web rocks! No probs at all!

4/17–Well, the stocks weren't that big of a deal at all, at least what I dealt with. Just modify some things to allow for either stocks or web stuff, and pop it in. Although we can't stop it without crl-. it, but to do otherwise would (I think) require another process, and I don't think the time to learn that in Squeak would be justified at this point. That's something to put on the to do list though.

4/19–The morphs are coming along fine. Shouldn't be much of a problem to change the text inside...just a method based off of the webformatter method to find the text to change and then do it. This is getting way easy!

4/20–Ok, problem. I can bold fine, but how do I change the size of a part of a piece of text? It's not an attribute, so it affects the entire string.

4/21–Well, maybe with more time I could have gotten it, but it just didn't fall into place. That was the only thing that I was responsible for that I didn't get done. Well, that's not bad, considering. But hey, could be worse. I wish I could have helped on the image handling, but that was just too much to learn too late to try to help. Maybe next time I'll try to get a better grasp on what the others are doing, though that wouldn't be feasible on a larger project. Oh well. That's it!

4/27–El fin. Today's the charette, and that's the end. The biggest problems I'd say I had this semester are A) learning Squeak, B) dealing with a lack of documentation, and C) Ill Communication with a team member. The first was necessary, the second a community issue, and not solvable right now. The third is something I'll get better at the more I work in a team situation.

Oh well. Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

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