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Squeak Assassins Milestone 3 Case Study

Milestone 3 required us to specify the design we would use for all the remaining milestones, including the last two, which were in 3D. Having gone through the first three CS classes, all the members of our group were used to problem solving and coding, however design like this was completely new to us. As a result, in many ways this was one of the most difficult milestones for our group.

However, I think this was probably the most interesting milestone when looked at in retrospect. This milestone was the first major advance design our group had to produce. We couldn't simply sketch out something and modify it as we go – we had to produce a complete design in advance. Also, I think it's interesting to compare this with how the designs of our later milestones actually turned out.

The issues at our first meeting:

The eventual solutions:
After a while, we had some solutions by various group members proposed that our group could agree on.

The final design:
Uploaded Image: sqm3uml.png

Other notes and random things:

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