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Sp2002 Design Roundtable

On TUESDAY APRIL 2 (from Thursday March 28), we're going to hold a Design Roundtable. You'll just be finishing P5 and trying to figure out how you're going to take your 2-D map and make it work in 3-D. The idea of the Design Roundtable is to help everyone improve on their P6 designs.

If your group has a great idea for how they're going to re-do the design from P2->P5 in P6, SHARE IT!. Here's what I'd like you to do:

There is extra credit available here!

If your group presents a design and you share your Powerpoint on the Cases page, I guarantee everyone in the group 1 point extra credit – that's 1 point added to the bottom line (1% of the entire class grade). Your group is still eligible to do a more extensive writeup of all your assignments towards the total possible extra credit of 5 points.

Things you might talk about:



2D to 3D presentation. From2Dto3D.ppt

Knights Who Say 'Squeak'

PowerPoint Presentation

Under Construction

The Lost Cause

This is a PowerPoint 2000 presentation that talks about moving from a 2D map to a 3D walk-through map. It reflects heavily on some of the things we, in particular, did with our P3-5 code, so migrating might be a little difficult without a rewrite of some of your own classes. Ideal base image: 3.2a-4599. For more details or other squeak stuff, go to



Updated PPT Slides: RFApproach-v4-2.ppt


Powerpoint slides: Squeakers2d3d.ppt

Team Us

Brian Pashel
Ben Smith
Brad Mauney
Joe Waldschmidt

Presentation: Team_Us.ppt

What Image

The Resolution of Design Issues moving from 2D to 3D.



2D to 3D Transition

Justin Kennedy
Karan Aggarwal
Nathan Owens
Ryan Dendinger


ANTS Cases Page

Leaping from 2D to 3D: A very brief overview of design and user interface issues involved in migrating from a 2D to 3D Map view, along with a small discussion on Tours
ANTS 2d to 3d pres.ppt



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