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3 Key - (3-Boxes/OO Structure): Anthony

7 Points each part.

a.) Named box defaults to unamed using new. When an already created box is named using named: it just draws over the original giving the overlapping names. Creating a new box using the class method named: initializes the name before drawing.

b.) new propogates up to Object when object receives the new message it knows who called it via self. So it then creates a new object of type self and returns it.

minus 5 for saying that the object is created in initialize
No more than 3-4 if it is not clear that the student knew that self is how object knows which object to create.

c.) Yes it will work. Initialize will be called twice using the most specific version of initialize available.

4 for knowing if it would work
3 for knowing it would call init twice.
minus 1 for saying a box would be created instead of a colored box

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