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Personally I hate reading those long texts and I think that most people do not read this stuff because it seems long and boring. I mean at first look when I see something that is just this one long page I just hit back. Hence I figured I would do powerpoint slides. I know quite a few of you may not be happy because of that but there are enough windows computers in the clusters. Get over it. I promise the tips will help. I did not put screen shots in there because I am certain that most of you will not really care about how (un)cool our project looked. And in case you do the code is all on this page. File it in and enjoy.

a.outSqueakPresentation.ppt - Transition from 2D to 3D roundtable
M2Cases.ppt - Milestone 2
m4cases.ppt - Milestone 4
Milestone 5 Case
Milestone 6 and 7

Here is our code:

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