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Spring 2002 - ECoDE Usability Suggestions

We want your feedback! Please post and discuss the usability of ECoDE openly!

The ability to merge ect files would improve ECoDE's group use dramatically. Also, not having a way to view the system as a diagram or set of CRC cards makes it inferior to similar programs and a poor replacement for pen and paper. At times ECoDE seems like nothing but data entry; the data is not arranged in a flowing, easy to follow manner but rather hidden within sub window after sub window. The main redeeming value of ECoDE is the degree of standardization of design it enforces, although it sacrifices flexibility in this way. So I would like to see ECoDE be more graphical and abstract, with the ability for all the links and names we create can be printed out somehow in a easy-to-reference fashion.
Alan Stone -

It would be really nice to see the collaborative section of ECoDE. and it would be double nice if that collaborative section included some sort of cvs like system. :)
Brian Byrne

CRC Cards -
  1. Doesn't like having anything but alphas as first char in CRC Card name (we have a few classes called 3DBuilding and such, so we had to put 'A' in front of it to get it to accept the name). I would think it should at least include alpha numerics.
  2. Responsibilities don't like punctuation. If we end our responsibility sentences with a period, it gives an error that it's a non-alpha. Tara McCart

It'd be nice if EctropicObject Navigator would disallow Drag and Drop instead of doing it based on user preferences. That is to say, since nothing I know will accept an EctropicObject from ecode, all it really accomplishes is making such disappear from the list view.