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Spring 2002 - ECoDE Student Consent Form

Georgia Institute of Technology
Human Subject Consent Form

  1. Purpose of the research: To explore the effectiveness of Ectropic Design as a design tool. Ectropic Design is a software design method by which order and structure are created out of the efforts of multiple, unrelated software developers. A prototypical design environment is in development. This research requires an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of Ectropic Design as a software design method.
  2. Approximate number of subjects to be involved in the research and how they are selected: Approximately 30 college undergraduate students enrolled in CS2340 Objects and Design course at Georgia Tech will be recruited as control subjects for this research. Approximately 200 college undegraduate students enrolled in CS-2340 Objects and Design course at Georgia Tech will be recruited as subjects for this research.
  3. Expected duration: The control group participation will last approximately three hours. The experiment lasts the duration of the semester for the subject group.
  4. Explanation of procedures to be followed: Both control group and subject group participants will be given a questionnaire asking for a description of their experience with computer software design. The questionnaire will include some basic design questions which will serve as a "pretest" of their understanding of the design process. The control group participants will then be requested to prepare a complete description of their current semester project. The subject group participants will complete the regular class assignments as required in the course. The subjects will then be asked to complete a "posttest" and a questionnaire regarding the usability of the prototype.
  5. Foreseeable risks or discomforts: minimal risk.
  6. Expected benefits to the subjects or others: Subjects will benefit from an increased understanding of object oriented software design.
  7. Compensation: Control subjects will receive one extra credit point for their time.
  8. Alternate procedures that can be advantageous to the subject (if applicable): NA
  9. Confidentiality of records: Data files will use arbitrary names so that it will be impossible to trace the data back to the participant's name.
  10. Reports of injury or reaction should be made to Mark Guzdial (PI) at 404.894.5618. Neither the Georgia Institute of Technology nor the principal investigator have made provision for payment of costs associated with any injury resulting from participation in the study.
  11. If you have questions about the research, contact Spencer Rugaber (; College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0280; 404.894.8450) or Mark Guzdial, (; College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0170; 404.894.5618).

You have rights as a research voluteer. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. If you do not take part, you will have no penalty. You may stop taking part in this study at any time with no penalty. If you have any questions about your rights as a research volunteer, call or write:

Barbara Henry, IRB Administrator Office of Contract Administration Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0420 (404) 894-6949.

I have read and understood the information above. The researchers have answered all my questions to my satisfaction. They gave me a copy of this form. I consent to take part in this study.

Subject's Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Subject's Printed Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Investigator's Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ______________