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Rick Giuly


CS2340 is about teaching a bunch of people to utilize "object oriented" design skills. Or it's to verify that some students have them at some point. So maybe they will get hired to do something for money. And with all thay money they can grow or reproduce, like bacteria but slower. Or maybe students can satisfy some inner desire to understand something that seems complex or do something that seems difficult. I'm not directly interested in either.

Directly modifying some brain attributes to make part of your brain happy would be easier than living out a normal life to make part of your brain happy. But no one has figured out how to effectively modify the brain. If we had done that a million years ago, it would have killed off the species. (Motivations would be lost.) Well opium almost does it. We must have some natural tendency to not want to be blinded from reality. We are of cource (blind) but we don't want to be anymore than we have to be. Most of the population won't take opium to solve all their problems, even though it almost would. The fact that people would die, in mass, from starvation isn't the point. People would be emotionally satiated even as they slipped into death. It's not too hard to find people that value emotions over life.

What's this with computer geeks thinking they actually know something important? The better computers get, the less useful the geeks are. (Are the geeks the ones making the computers better? Maybe.) When the computers are smarter than people, I don't know if we'll have any use for the geeks at all.

So you say computers can't be smarter than people. Well the brain is a computer, but lets pretend like it's not. It probably comes down to this: we either genetically engineer ourselves to keep up with computers, or computers over-take us is computational power. As far as getting a decent algorithm for common sense and such, just steal if from a human brain if you have to. Map the neurons, whatever it takes. Computers can be intelligent, it's just a matter of time.

The real question is why do we value our own existance so much. The answer is that we are programmed to.

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