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Chris Verges

Office Hours: TR 1:30-3

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Running Squeak on [Gentoo] Linux

I'm semi-in-charge of the Squeak effort on Gentoo Linux. (Basically, I wrote the ebuild and so all the portage maintaners defer questions they don't understand to me.) Unfortunately, due to whatever reason, the 3.4 unix-linux VM for Squeak cannot be built using optimization, so don't try. The ebuild strips all CFLAGS before attempting to compile. To install, one need only type
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge squeak
and magically the latest vm/image will be installed on your system. To use, type inisqueak and a copy of the image/changes/source files will be thrown in the current directory and Squeak automatically loaded. (Just type 'squeak .image' to load Squeak from then on.)

A little bit about me...

I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. This is my fourth year here at Tech as a CS major. My extracurricular activities include Ultimate Frisbee, Intramural Softball (spring-time), photography, the Linux Users Group, biking, running, and hiking, to name a few. Beyond being a TA, I also work for Resnet throughout the week, a job that I've held for two years now.

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