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Fall 2002 Who's Who

This page lists pages for the people in the class. Please add a page for yourself. Click on "edit", add your name to the bottom of this list, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away!

Do be careful not to rename this page, and please don't lock the page, since it's a shared resource.

You might also check out Using this CoWeb if you haven't already.

Rich LeBlanc, Instructor
Mark Guzdial, Instructor Support Dude and Jovial Host

Shaggz NOT a TA, though he did finally graduate.
Sarah Moore another affable TA
Sami Deen TA
Lex Spoon TA
ellie harmon (ta)
Randy Rockinson TA
Brian Whited TA
Gary Brown TA
Ali Faiz TA
Chris Verges yet another TA
Jason Dalton TA

John Bunch
David Sharpe
Jeff Yeary
Derek Chambless
steven camp_
Khashy Sheibani yah, a student
Michael Huelsewiesche student
Xiao Ping Taing student
Jennifer Hartmeyer (student)
Jonathan Taylor - student
#14 student
JR Bob Dobbs - Your Savior
John Cromartie
Brian Emfinger
Bruce Ota
Who is Chris Hunt? Yet another gte number.
Matt Hall
Dan Quirke
Adam Davis
Nhan Trong Le - student
Nick Cotton
Jordan Bethea
archana singh
Fisnik Shpuza

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