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Andy Campbell


I'm a freshman sophomore, 2nd semester student in CS2340. I got a B in 2130. =)

I'm after an A in this course (and 2335), and I have experience as a contributing team member in collaborative projects (read: good coding partner). I don't know Squeak yet, but I learn quickly. My e-mail address is listed below.


I have a few years of experience with the open-source 3D engine Genesis3D (, and I built a fairly nice Gameshell around it, had all sorts of cool features that you don't see in engines such as Half-Life (which sucks, by the way). I am working on a new 3D engine called Destiny3D ( which is based on a few design principles in Genesis but expands a lot of the features and adds lots of other features also. You can't get the source or API to Destiny3D without paying a $40 annual subscription fee, but if you're interested in 3D game or application programming, that's a lot cheaper than the $500,000 you might pay for Quake3 or Unreal. Game & game engine development is extremely fun, but it's not easy.


Unfortunately, I don't get paid for all my 3D game development skills (yet!), so if you know any people looking for a competent 3D or generic coding person, my e-mail address is listed below. I live in California, so a summer job in GA wouldn't be too feasible, but I'm up for a little contract work here and there

Andy Campbell

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