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Questions on Sp2002 P7 Milestone

Questions on P7?

For M7 the milestones page says we have 3 choices: ECode, UML or hardcopy CRC cards, but further down it also says that good CRC card analysis is 15% and good scenerios is 15%... so what are we suppose to do? the instructions seem to contradict each other. Jonathan Broomfield
That's TWO choices. Choice #1 is ECode. Choice #2 is UML AND hardcopy CRC cards. Check the description again – there is no "OR" there. Mark Guzdial

For M7 we need to have at least 30 buildings but is there a requirement regarding the number of roads? Obviously, we can't
have a single strip but is there a minimum?

Michael Wentzel
Good question! We'll say 8. Mark Guzdial

But what if the campus we chose does not have 8 roads in the section of 30 buildings we are choosing. We found a map for another university that would fit in well into our design. If ew were just using an already existing campus could we skip this particular restriction.

Karan Aggarwal
How many streets do they use to pack in 30 buildings?!? I would think that 8 would be a minimum, but I'm willing to make it smaller if you can point out a real example. Mark Guzdial

Devry doesn't count, I'm assuming... ;-) Chris Verges

does Devry have 30 buildings? Shaggz

Summing across all campuses? :-)

There IS a university with 32 buildings and only 3 or 4 streets, but I'm not going to mention the actual site b/c we want it for ourselves Nathan Owens

Awww, come on, man...spread the love. Chris Verges

Um, is it just me, or does someone have a problem with basic math?

15% - Good Scenarios
15% - Good CRC cards
10% - Good UML
20% - Believable documentation
30% - Working System

That adds up to 90%. Where is the last 10%, or am I missing something somewhere?

Peter Zalewski - TeamFudge
Thank you – I fixed it. Mark Guzdial

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