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Questions on Sp2002 P3 Milestone

Ask about Sp2002 P3 here...

In the description of P4 it states, "The second level of zoom should show the image of the building at the right place." Should the second level of zoom just replace the outline of the building in zoom 1 with a photo of the building, or should it be another level of zoom with a photo? Could you please clarify. For furture reference, should we be posting questions about future prjs here so we can design P3, or should we post them to their approbriate P# Question pages? Thanks. Chelsea Morrisey

Your first option is correct: the second level of zoom should just replace the outline of the building in zoom 1 with a photo of the building Sami Deen

Is there a way to do multiple collaborators in ECoDE? Donghan Li
My teammates and I are having a small feud
over this zoom feature. I say that there
should REALLY be 3 levels of zoom, they say
2. The initial screen shot would be level1,
and clicking on that would be level2. OR
should it be the initial screen shot would be
level0, clicking on that would be level1, and
clicking on it again would be level2.

Brett Flury
You're right, Brett – there are really three levels. Mark Guzdial

I have a question about P3 in general... Could Mark or one of the TA's please explain to me why if this class is title "Object oriented DESIGN", is the most important and most relevant project to this class our shortest. Mark continues to stress how important or design is, and I must stress how this is not our only class and 1 week for such an important step is to short. Also, shouldnt the project be delayed due to the fact that many students are working with EcodE even though we just recieved the corrected version on Sunday at 11:00pm and MANY students have not signed the waiver form to work under an experiment, yet they are being forced to use EcodE?
.I have moved the P3 date – my fault, it should have been longer in the first place. I have answered the issues of research vs. teaching wrt to ECoDE on the Fall 2002 Announcements page. Mark Guzdial.

ECoDE seems to be still in too early of a development stage for everyday use (we have lost several hours due to it "messing" up and have filled bug reports for the problems). Last i checked 2340 ISNT a 'debug someone's research project' class. i dont think it is at all fair we have to use a piece of software so buggy for a class environment.

Do we actually have to use it?
Absolutely. We did debug it pretty thoroughly before you got it, but 160 students will do things that a half-dozen Squeakers won't think of. We will find bugs, and Kathy and Jonathan will fix them as soon as they can. All new software is like this, and some class has to be first. Lucky you! :-) More seriously, you do have more time to get through the design now, and bug fixes will be coming out ASAP. Mark Guzdial
P.S. All the code is in Squeak. If you find a bug, feel free to fix it and post the fix and your explanation to the ECoDE page. I will give Extra Credit for good bug fixes with good explanations. Mark Guzdial

I have a question about zoom now...I thought I understood it, but the more people ask questions and get different answers the more I get confused. for the questions
There are three levels of zoom, here is my understanding. The first level is the default level with all buildings shown. The 2nd level is zoomed in showing a portion of the map around the area which you clicked. The "fuzzy area" is the 3rd level. When you are zoomed in (meaning you are in the 2nd stage of zoom), when you click to go to the 3rd stage, does the map zoom in more and put the image of the building in the spot where the building goes, or does it just replace the switch the images? Also, when we are in the first level of zoom, meaning someone has just opened the program, are our buildings supposed to be clickable, or is the user forced to zoom in before being able to click on a building to get its information?

Brian Pashel

Here's how I think about it
  1. First level is all of campus. Buildings may be visible, but indistinct. They don't need to be clickable here.
  2. Second level is several buildings, but each building must be at least 16x16 pixels. Buildings are clickable here.
  3. Third level can be MORE than one building, but each building should be its actual picture. Buildings are, again, clickable here.
Clicking any building should bring up its information. Choosing a building by name should go to the third level with the selected building centered on the screen. Mark Guzdial

If on the third level of Zoom only half of a building is within the zoomed region, do we need to display half of the building? or just not display that building at all. Also, is the above post all from Dr Guzdial? or was it a Quesiton and answer? Chase Peeler

Its all from Mark. Sami Deen
As for the question about displaying buildings, do what works well in the UI. If cutting buildings off looks weird, do something else. If not displaying the building makes the interface feel strange, X it. Create a good look and feel design. Sami Deen

.Yes, all of that in horizontal rules is mine. Like Sami said: I'm perfectly okay with showing parts of buildings. Note the differences between what I'm assigning and what the Alumni website does: You must support zooming WHERE THE USER clicks, you provide more than one level of zoom, AND you actually show something that looks like the building at the bottommost level. Mark Guzdial.

I don't mean to complain, but I've gotten too frustrated with ecode to use it anymore. It makes the design process longer, harder, and generally more frustrating, so, according to the consent form:
"You have rights as a research voluteer. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. If you do not take part, you will have no penalty. You may stop taking part in this study at any time with no penalty." I would like to stop taking part in this study. So, can I turn in my design on regular notecards?
.You can choose not to be in the study, so your usage data will not be used in any studies. But I'm requiring use as the teacher. That the design process becomes longer and harder isn't really too surprising – ECoDE does require more effort in the design process, but not not more than using, say, Rational Rose. At least, that's my perception. I'd welcome some direct comparisons! Mark Guzdial.

Milestone 4: Note that on milestone 4 you need to be able to zoom back out. Opening new windows for each zoom level, and then closing them does not count as being able to zoom back out.

Are the abilities of the older projects retained as you go from one to the next. I know of one case mentioned in class where they are not (the 3d map does not find and display a search route) but I'm not sure about all of the other features. Can the final program do everything all the others can do.Can it do them all in 3d or 2d?
Rick Giuly
P5 shouuld be able to do everything that P4 can. P6 only has to have the capabilities that we specify. P7 should be able to do everything that P6 can. Mark Guzdial

Of the three ECODE sections,(OOA,OOD,OOP) what do we need to turn in for prj3? The P3 milestone makes it sound like only the OOA needs to be done in ECODE, while the UML diagram will cover the OOD. James Burghardt

Turn in your whole ECoDE project. We'll grade the CRC's and Scenarios in ECoDE. Include a UML diagram for OOD. Mark Guzdial

We are slightly lost on how we should go about designing for a 3D environment since we do not know how exactly things would work. I was trying to play around in Wonderland with moving stuff around. There are few questoins that I have.
1) How do we initialize the wonderland environment for our GT campus map. Would the user and the buildings be actors? When the program starts up should the user be able to see the CoC in front of him.
2) Should and can the entire representation of all the routes be initialized in Wonderland from the beginning so that it would seem that the user is in a 3D model of GT or would a new world be rendered
every time a user chose a tour?
3) How detailed should our design be for the three dimesional milestones since we do not have any experience with 3D yet?

Some of these questions might seem really stupid but as it is obvious
we are pretty lost on how to go about our design for Milestone 6 and Milestone 7
You're welcome to do Wonderland however you want. I know that you don't know all the details right now – that's what makes this a design activity. Frankly, I hope that you get some of the design details wrong – that's why we require this complete design so early. I want you to learn about design by making some mistakes! WRT your questions: Yes, everything will be an actor. Yes, you can render everything, and perhaps hide the things you don't want someone to see. Make your design as detailed as you can. Mark Guzdial

is anyone else having trouble downloading the 3.2 image from the web I can't seem to connect to the site.
Daniel Combiths

What exactly are you looking for in a scenerio?
Tara McCart

Could we get clarification on "Scenarios that touch every LEAF CLASS IN YOUR SYSTEM". To me that would seem that responsibilities for a particular scenario would need to be assigned to every leaf class (or at least one responsibility per leaf class in order to be considered 'touched'). This would imply that the scenario would have to describe in intricate detail the way that every class candidate behaves for a certain scenario, all within the scenario window.

The alternative is that we could delegate responsibilities to 'lower' classes. For example in the scenario winow, a '2ddisplay' class candidate is responsible for 'display map' but collaborates with a 'Map' class candidate. Does this count as 'touching'? Map is not directly touched by a scenario because it is very data oriented, but is indirectly touched as a collaborator for a class that is direcly touched by a scenario. Please be very specific in your response.
Brad Mauney

So, my project has been "Collecting Resources" for the past half hour. I emptied the trash, I closed all unnessecary workspaces, I did everything that's been said to make it not take a ridiculous amount of time, and still it continues attempting to publish. Any suggestions? And if I can't get it to finish publishing, is there an alternate way for my team to turn this in?
Meghan Byrne

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