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Lab 1 Questions

1/24/2000 – READ ME!
Parts 0-2 want us to copy the entire method, code and all. 3 and 4 want a 'selector'. I'm led to believe that the selector is just the text that is shown in the selector box when we have 'selected' the correct method? That would just be the friggin method name, right? Sorry, I'm not up to par on my squeak jargon, and that's a little confusing.

Do you actually want us to have code that can step from part 1 to part 4 continuously, or do you just want to see that we have found the right methods to implement the ImageBlaster?

Gary Herndon

Is it ok for part 4 of the lab if we supply the image to the function as a morph. Such as a method with the following WindowOpen: aMorph Title: aString? Which by the way does work if you can convert the internal object of the image to a morph.

Richard McPhaul


That's one nice thing about Squeak. Sometimes there are many ways of tackling the same problem. If you do use such a method, substitute the actual (Morph from image) code for the aMorph parameter. IN THIS SITUATION, however, I must point out that that is not the exact selector that p4 asks you to find. Thus you could expect a couple of points off. (Mike?)
Patrick Parker(TA)

During lab there was no instructions on how or when we are to turn in lab 1. I assume its sometime on Monday. I've asked around and it seems everyone I've talked to is clueless to this as well. So what are we suppose to do?

Adam Bryant

Response: Adam, your section's TA should have told you to email him the answers. In the future, you will be given more specific turnin instructions. In the meantime, you can email it to me:
Patrick Parker (TA)

True. I'd like it if someone could either post it on the newsgroup or answer these two posts.
Also, is there a way to know who one's TA is? No TA manifested himself during the friday lab.


Response: Absolut, are you sure you went there at the right time and place? The Fri. sections go from 4:30 - 6:00 in the CoC room 103. Arief and I were there. If the oscar says you are in section B3, send it to him. Otherwise, (if you are in A3) send it to me.
Patrick Parker (TA)

In class last week McCracken said all labs are due Monday at midnight. That's all I can help you with, since I'm clueless about everything else.


We should make an announcement about the turnin system very soon. And as far as your TA goes.. Suffice it to say most of us just got hired, and we're scrambling to get the logistics worked out. I'm waitig on the class rolls, for example. BUT! Next week, things should be a bit smoother. As soon as I get the official go-ahead the lab turnin instructions will be posted.

– Solomon Peachy (TA)

I posted this question on the Squeak FAQ, but I'm not sure how often that's checked. Is there any way to get a handle to an object on the screen? For example, if I want to Inspect my workspace, how can I get a handle to it?

Brandon Berg

We'll learn how to do that in Chapter 5. Basically, Morphic-select the workspace with the blue button, then from the red-halo-menu, choose Inspect. There are no handles in Squeak. Mark Guzdial

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