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Project Turnin Information

This page summarizes how to use projects and how to turn in your work using them.

Creating a Project to Work In

Squeak images are subdivided into projects. You can thus use the same image to work on multiple things, and use "jump to project" from the main menu to switch between them. Each project will remember all its open browsers, workspaces, etc., and it will also remember what code has been added or modified while in that project.

To create a new project, first left Click on the background to bring up the World menu.

Select projects.

Uploaded Image: 1.jpg

Then select create new morphic project

Uploaded Image: 2.jpg

This will create a new project window on your squeak desktop.
Click on the project to enter it.
Uploaded Image: 3.jpg

Publishing a Project

Once you have finished a milestone (or anytime you decide to backup), from within your project ( ie: when you are in your own project), move your mouse over the tab in the lower left corner of the screen.
Uploaded Image: 4.jpg

From the pop-up menu that appears choose Publish It!
Uploaded Image: 5.jpg

Choose a project name and click OK
Uploaded Image: 6.jpg

Select a directory on your own hard drive to save to and click Save. Do not save onto Bob's SuperSwiki.
Uploaded Image: 7.jpg

When you will see the following menu, select yes. This ensures that all changes you made to code in squeak are copied with your project.
Uploaded Image: 7b.jpg

Now the .pr file contains your project.
Uploaded Image: 8.jpg

Loading a Project

You should test your project before turning it in! Do so by loading your project into a brand new image with no trace of your code in it (except possibly Ectropic code). After all, this is what your TA will be doing, and a Squeak project that doesn't load will be graded like to a C program that doesn't compile.

To load a project, use a filelist (World Menu, open, file list) to load in your project. Find the name of your project in the file list and right click (alternate button) and select load as project
Uploaded Image: 9.jpg

Turning in Your Project

Go to the turin swiki ( Navigate to your page. This will either be a page with your name on it, or your group name depending on which milestone it is.

Click on the attach link at the top of the page.
Click on browse.
Select your project file.
Leave radio buttons as found.
Click on Upload.

Repeat this for any extra files your project needs, but keep them to a minimum! Feel free to rearrange your turnin page using "edit" so that your TA can quickly see which files to download.

Fileouts: If Project Export Fails

This is what you want to do if you can not get a project to save and load properly. If this happens, you may still turn in a fileout of your code.

See Code Management

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