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Team Issues

Teams are 3-4 people. No, not two – then you might not fight. No, not five – IF you get along, you've got an unfair advantage. If you don't get along, you've got an unfair disadvantage. You might find these Tips for working in groups helpful.

If you have problems with your team, ask your TA or instructor IMMEDIATELY. Do not assume that you know how to solve the problem – team processes are one of the focuses of these classes.

Before the SECOND team assignment due date, we can annul teams: Break up the team and allow formation of new teams. Not after that, because of grading confusions.

In general, all members of a team get the same grade for the same assignment. If, however, one member of the team has grievously ducked his/her responsibilities, the rest of the team can submit a formal complaint. The rest of the team must sign a physical note stating the complaint against the accused teammate. The accused teammate will have 24 hours to respond to an email query from the instructor. Based on the response and the complaint, the accused teammate can have his/her grade docked.

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