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Honor Statement

For all individual assignments, you are expected to work on your own. That doesn't mean that you can't talk to others, exchange ideas, discuss alternative solutions, and create a collaborative learning environment. But you may not:

You can:

Any code used from an external source (e.g. not the Visualworks base image) must be documented as to source, author, and date obtained. For instance, if a student uses code obtained from a previous cases page, a brief blurb citing the original author (if known), the date the code was downloaded, and the project/cases page with which it is associated should be placed somewhere with the code. This comment take one of several forms: a comment in a Workspace or Transcript (if filed out as a project), actual comments offset by quotes inside YOUR code that is filed out, a README file attached to the fileout code, or a statement on the coweb where your code is available for download.

On group assignments, you are encouraged to work together as much as possible with the group. Each person is expected to do their fair share!. People who do not work with the group are arriving at a final grade in as dishonest a manner as copying someone else's code. We reserve the right to grade members of a group differently if we have reason to believe that not everyone shared in the work equally.

In general, if a group is having trouble balancing work, they should report this to the teacher or the TA for help.

Between groups, the same honesty expectations exist as between individuals: You can help and provide samples, suggestions, and strategies; but each group's final work should be their own.

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