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Statement on Intellectual Property

Sometimes, students create software in this class that they would like to distribute, as open source or commercially. (Updated November 29, 2001, based on Kevin Wozniak's talk).

In general, software developed as part of a course is YOUR (the student's) property.

If you'd like to release your software as freeware or open source, you're free to do so. You should make clear that (a) you're not representing the software as being "Georgia Tech" software and (b) you're disclaiming liability if the software causes any damage. See this boilerplate agreement provided by Tech IP experts as an example: Public%20Use%20FreeWare.doc

If you'd like to develop your software commercially, Georgia Tech would like to support that effort. Tech can give you a letter making clear that you have full rights to the software, which is useful when trying to seek funding from venture capitalists or seeking other partners.

If you have any questions, contact:
Kevin L. Wozniak
Associate Director
Office of Technology Licensing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332