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Team PimpSqueak: Cases Page

This is the cases page for Team PimpSqueak. We're in the middle of building it.

Team PimpSqueak is composed of the following members:

This page is documentation of my team's efforts to construct an adventure game engine in Squeak. The adventure game's secondary goal is to allow the simple construction of an adventure game. The adventure game's primary goal is to allow our teammembers to pass CS 2340.
The adventure game engine is fairly simple, and it is built with the assumption that the game itself will be built with Squeak. With this in mind, creating a game is done with Squeak code. The game supports a web interface to allow users not at the machine to play.

Team PimpSqueak has created a presentation on the various redesign options for P6 out of the goodness of Brandon's heart and his desire for extra credit. You can check it out: redesign.ppt


For each case you may want to refer to our UML class diagram:

Uploaded Image: AGUML7.jpg

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