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Roger Norris

Roger Norris, self description:

Programming (mainly C/C++), Video games (Quake 2, UT, Total
Annihilation, Starcraft, Half-Life), Music (playing Clarinet as
well as listening to classical/instrumental), reading (science
fiction, programming books).

Coding experience:
I started programming at age 7 and have loved doing it ever since. My
first real job was being an instructor at National Computer Camp
teaching younger kids to program in C and BASIC, as well as performing
typical camp staff duties. Two summers ago I got a job fixing some
old COBOL code to make it Y2K compliant (it's been several weeks
since 1/1/2000 so I must assume no news is good news) and last summer
I had a job at Texas Instruments programming some Visual C++ stuff
for their education and productivity division (the graphing
calculator department).

Favorite TV series: Babylon 5!

Favorite author: Robert Heinlein. Forgive the spelling if it's
wrong. This is a great sci-fi author who brought us classics like
Starship Troopers (much better than the movie, trust me), Red Planet,
Stranger in a Strange Land, etc, etc, etc...

Oh well that's all I can think of to put in here for now.

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