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Fall 2001 Design Roundtable!

On Tuesday November 6, we're going to hold a Design Roundtable (Fall 2001 Class Schedule). This is the first time that we've ever done this, but it's also the first time that we've graded an assignment (P6) for open-ended design improvements. The idea of the Design Roundtable is to help everyone improve on their P6 designs.

If your group has a great idea for how they're going to re-do the design from P2->P5 in P6, SHARE IT!. Here's what I'd like you to do:

There is extra credit available here!. If your group presents a design and you share your Powerpoint on the Cases page, I guarantee everyone in the group 1 point extra credit – that's 1 point added to the bottom line (1% of the entire class grade). Your group is still eligible to do a more extensive writeup of all your assignments towards the total possible extra credit of 5 points.

You can beat out the P2->P5 design? Prove it! Post it here!

No one has any good P6 ideas? Mark Guzdial

Hi Prof...lonely in here ain't it? I want to put up a Class Diagram demonstrating the proper structure of a world, but I am too busy on P5 right now. That is what I disliked the most about the design. There were probably other ways to handle events in the world and actions of characters, but i think verbMatch: do: and when: do: worked find for what this program was intented to do.
Be sure to read the directions above: I don't want just a class diagram. I want a Powerpoint show making the argument. PLEASE DO POST! Mark Guzdial

yeah...well maybe i will get something together this weekend. When would these powerpoint presentations be given? in class? in front of people? or would they just be turned in as files?

We at Team PimpSqueak have completed a powerpoint presentation of our plan to change to a more event-driven system. You can check it out at Team PimpSqueak: Cases Page.

Great! That's one! Anyone else? Mark Guzdial

Check it out. Here is our design idea. It is in zip format because we have gif's of the UML to be shown at points in the presentation.
Anti-Absentminded, Bloody Sleepwalkers

Here's Team KAYRAD's little contribution. We'll talk about it tomorrow.
KAYRAD Cases Page for Roundtable discussion

We have one more presentation to add to the pile – Check it out: The Goods: Cases Page

Gark Muzdial's design ideas for Milestone 6. Gark Muzdial's Design Ideas

one more presentation, just for the kids... Ron Jeremy's Minions: Cases Page


I'm closing out the submissions now. Mark Guzdial

FOLKS! Copy your PPT to the Cases page and I'll give you extra credit for it!

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