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Fall 2001 Interface Design Review

So you say that you've got the coolest and bestest UI ever? SHOW US! Take a screenshot of your work and post it below. Tell us what's going on and invite comments.

We've done this in past terms (see Summer 2001 UI Pinup and Spring 2000 UI Review) and those who participated found it really useful. (No, there's no extra credit – but if you lost any points for usability of your interface, here's the opportunity to get advice, suggestions, maybe some code snippets from the rest of the class!)

Sheesh! This place is almost as dead as the Fall 2001 Design Roundtable! page... Mark Guzdial

You're still welcome to share your interface designs here (for P6/P7) if you'd like feedback on them or would like to show off some especially cool ones! Mark Guzdial