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KAYRAD old scheduling

Are we meeting today? If so, when? Don't we still have stuff we need to do by Thursday? Jon

Meeting tonight at Baird at 9. Milestones 4 & 5 will fall. Be there! UML and CRC needs work as well. Jon

Anyone who can make it, there is a meeting at 2 on Sunday the 21st. Just finishing up on a few touches for the milestone due on Tuesday.
Unknown Assailant

BIG UBER-IMPORTANT NEWS! Check the Announcements to verify.
Milestone 4 has been pushed back 1 week in order for the groups to receive information about the grading of the previous Milestones. Thank God! Ahem. I know we have all had a busy first day, and would probably rather not spend all night coding. So, I propose a solution: meet tomorrow at the Baird at noon. All extra work done over the break should be e-mailed out (swiki was acting up earlier), so everyone is up to speed. Questions about the current state of the game should be thought out before-hand. Someone should check the TA times, and see about meeting him/her (I think it's a he) about the previous Milestones.

I may be there at six, if I wish to eat. Graham

We've got UML, CRC cards, and the file out to work on people. I say everyone moves their butts to the music and meet at the CoC @ 5 p.m. on Wednesday the 17th. If you can't come, send an email! Unknown Assailant

I am available at 5 today. I will be sending out some code pretty soon. Graham Coleman

Here is what I did during the weekend: I did some of P5 prematurely. I also worked on the web interface. There are some non-trivial design issues, but I'm sure we will have something for turnin. I also played with surfaces and containers this morning. Graham Coleman

Hey, we need to meet up today and finish all the work. P4 Milestone is due tomorrow. Jonathan Shaver

I have orchestra until 8. I expect to be in the computer lab around 8:30. Anybody who would like to come code is welcome. Graham Coleman

Hey! Where are you guys? I'm in the Baird Cluster and it's 4:44p.m. What happened to 4:30? Christopher Henke

Sorry, didn't know, started looking over combinatorics, glanced up at around 6, saw this here. Post somewhere here if we are meeting again tonight. See you tomorrow, at least. Jonathan Shaver

Bah, I'll do as much combinatorics tonight as possible, and work tomorrow and some Friday. Jonathan Shaver

Stizzz, so what time? I can start work at 4:30, and I want to finish it ASAP. Griz

ARG!! Can't do anything without you here!Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpgGraham! It's 8:20, where are you?

Graham I have to leave around 9:00! I'm runnin' on empty here! Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg

For meeting Friday, Sept 21:

Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpgYeah, nobody showed up! What gives?

Meeting: Tuesday, after the test in the Commons Area.
Discussion Topics: Anything left undone, getting the UI right.

Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg Um, also at 8pm 9/25 at Baird? Plan on serious coding, hombres... possibly finishing this mutha.

For meeting Wednesday, Sept 26:

Okay fellow KAYRADers, one more day on this mug, it's 9/26 and I'll be at Baird @ 8:00pm. I'll also be working in the student center from 3 - 8. So send me code, priorities, things I can work on, questions to ask, etc. Word. Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg

I should be able to start working in Baird at 5 or 6. Steve, one thing, when you file out code, could you file out the most specific changes? Like when you change one or two classes, just file out the classes and tar/gz them. This reduces the possibility of, if someone else is working on other classes and hasn't submitted them, not thinking, files in your complete code for the project, and nukes their changes in the process. This is just a precaution. Maybe it would be good to send out two files, the total code, and just your specific changes (methods, classes). Graham Coleman
Oh yeah, I don't expect any major changes before ya'll get there 6-8. I am just going to keep tightening and debugging the main classes, AGObject, AGRoom, and AGCharacter. Graham

Does no one know that StarTrek Enterprise debutes tonight on UPN at 8/7 central!?! We've scheduled the meeting right on top of it! Agh!
Unknown Assailant

Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg Chris, this is not a required meeting! If you want to watch your fruity TV show, be my guest! Just don't complain when your ideas aren't implemented and your code is h4x0red into shreds. Bwa hwa hwa
Hired Goons? Oh yeah, Graham, when you sent out that last bit of changes code, it was in the same BIG ALTOGETHER format and it stomped all over my view code. So I said, why the hell did he send it to me like that? Well this is Graham, so maybe it's a standard! And Viola you felt the same way I did, I say, only file out changed methods. I had to go in and cut and paste a lot of that AGPlayer class because I made changes to it AND Chris and Johnathan made changes too. Or ooo, how about this: let the change dictate the fileOut size and we coordinate and if we're not satisfied with what's been given THEN we ask for something different?

For Monday, 10-1

NEW! Let's plan on meeting sometime Monday. We need to go over the new stuff, and figure out how to integrate it with the stuff we already have. A big goal will be figuring out any specific questions we need to ask before making the design.

Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg I'll be free between 4 and 6, kids. Anytime in there is good.
Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/AlanKaye.jpg) Sorry guys, can't come. Inventing the future.
Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/brusht-sma.jpg) 5-6 is cool with me, or perhaps after hackfest.

Five to Six, I guess. Now, where?

Sizz - O - Sizz, duh! I mean, the COC, of course. I'll be there at 5. And Graham, put down that lollipop! Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg

Random Assailant I've got to be in a help session at 6 p.m. for a 2200 project. Steven, you know you're going as well. So we have to end our team meeting by at the very latest 6.

For Wednesday 10-3

Uploaded Image: sfithumb2.jpg Okay fellows, meet me at my work at the SC at 5:00 and have read the web stuff and played with the code or at least understand it. If not, there will be no holds barred. -Stephen Ingram

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