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KAYRAD Scheduling Page

Here is our scheduling discussion. KAYRAD old scheduling

Time Line has moved to KAYRAD Time Line...

I'll be there after 9 tonight Unknown Assailant

I'll be around here till 7, then after 8 for a while. Jon

Last project due soon... Not everybody doing work (including me so far, since I've had lots of other projects)... Emergency meeting... Everybody sign in when...
"Transmission Interrupted"
Unknown As...

I'm at home right now (5:43 p.m. on Wednesday). I will meet you guys in Baird later, when I've got the requirements for the wonderland view completed. I'll also send out a file out before I come. Good luck with the other stuff... Unknown Assailant

I am at Baird doing some work. Problem is, the code that Graham filed out for me is not working, so I am having some trouble getting the thing to work. If anyone can help, contact me. Jonathan Shaver

I'm thinking that a meeting at 5 p.m. on Monday would be good. I'll be in the CoC at 3. I hope that most people will come. See you there... Unknown Assailant

I'll be back around 9 for another hour or so. Jonathan Shaver

Guys, what's up? I cannot login to acme for some weird reason. You guys are going to have to send an email to bigqtip@cc to give me the meeting time or post to this page. The email would be faster, but both would be preferable. Thanks! Unknown Assailant
P.S. I have the demo ready for you guys. It took a while, but it works and it look pretty good. We just have to clean it up and add walls from the work that you guys did yesterday. Talk to you later.

Hey, guys! We have to meet this weekend. There is a lot of work to do and not a lot of time left. When do you guys have time over the weekend? Unknown Assailant

Friday, I forgot, I have something until 5:30, I'll come immediately after that. Saturday I am busy until at least 9 pm, and Sunday seems open. Jonathan Shaver

Sorry guys, I got sick. Consider the following typographical vomit to be a poor analouge to the real thing: Graham Coleman
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Meeting to continue discussing M6 and M7 at 3 tommorrow (since no one else has set a time). To recap, the meeting is at 3 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon of the 4th of November. Be there or be square! Hooded Bandit

I'll be there as soon as I finish eating. Jonathan Shaver

Cannot meet Friday until after 5:40 or later. Sorry. Jonathan Shaver

Meeting at tenative 6 pm for Wednesday in the PM. Graham Coleman

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