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Fall2001 Midterm Review: UML Class Diagramming

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"Student ————-> Transcript
"——- 1 1 ———-
"name ———-
"studentNum addGrade: to:
"——— lookupGradeFor:
"name | 1
"studentNum |
"changeMajor: |
" | M |
" | |
" | |
" | |
" \/ 1 \/ M
"Major CourseGrade
"——— ————
"deptName grade
"requiredCourses ————
"——— course
"deptName grade
"requiredCourses | 1
" |
" |
" |
" \/ 1
" Course
" ———
" name
" creditHours
" ———
" name

At least thats my shot at it.
Jonathan D'Andries
Y'know, BOOST generates GIFs...:-) Mark Guzdial

What, you don't like notepad? 8-) Does this mean the UML is good?
Jonathan D'Andries
I thought there would be a line from Major to Course with a 1 and an M for its list of courses. Rob Boots

Uploaded Image: uml.gif
I would also like to add that BOOST only runs under JDK 1.3. It's fairly nice but somewhat obtrusive. Jared Parsons

I don't think that those arrows are right in Jared's. The big empty arrow implies an ISA relationship, a student should HAVEA transcript, not be one. I think the propper arrow is simply a ->. (The case could be made that a student isA type of a major though, although I think this is problematic for things like double majors). Joaquin Madruga

It's a "feature" in BOOST. THey use something akin to an and gate to show inheritance. It's very unintuitive what they wanted to be "is a" and "has a" Jared Parsons
Are you sure that you have the UML version of BOOST? UML-Boost uses UML 1.3 notation. This may be the earlier version of BOOST which used Coad notation. Mark Guzdial

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